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  1. Trax
    ASE mechanic, retired. 2013 Charger pursuit, 5.7 hemi.
  2. LoBaby84
    i twisted the cap on my right low beam headlight . I see like a a square metal thing and .. its stuck and i cant pull it out? whats goin on.
  3. Txhammer
    I'm trying to decide when I rebuild the motor " I have 155,000 miles on it & still going strong!"Whipple supercharger twin turbo setup.
  4. mark2010srt8
    anyone have any production numbers for paint and units for 2010 Challenger srt8....also units for manual and auto?......Help Please!
  5. mark2010srt8
    current miles as of May 31,2017.....9000
  6. GnKBudd
    Checked this off my bucket list :)
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    goHEMI Atrain007
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    goHEMI BlackBrickSRT
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    goHEMI Rusty Nail
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      great job guys. Love the feel and look of this forum...
      Jan 18, 2017
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      Jan 18, 2017
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